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Chromium Extensions

Recommendation: suitable for incognito


Control Enhancement ( suitable for privacy mode )

General Management

Specialized Category

Experience Optimization (suitable for privacy mode)

Set Scope of Applicable Websites

Open Extension Settings

Extensions that work on local files:

  • Dark Reader
  • uBlock Origin
  • Vimium C





Binding Shortcuts

Dark Reader:

Alt + Shift + A Enable/Disable Current Site

Alt + Shift + S Popup Adjustment Panel

Vimium C:

Alt + V Activate Extension

uBlock Origin:

Alt + Delete Go to Temporary Remove Element Mode

Advanced Config

Vimium C

Import config:vimium_c.json

uBlock Origin

Ignore Cookies prompt:LINK


  • 默认 z 键激活
  • 推荐勾选 `open tabs at the end`

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