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Remap Modifier Keys

After my experience in university, I recommend the following adjustments to Windows and Linux keyboards:

  • Swap the CapsLock key and the Esc key: make the Esc common key triggered by the pinkie

  • Use Mac-style left modifier key (control, option, command) order: 'Super', 'Alt', 'Ctrl' Use thumb to trigger the Ctrl key

This schema is conducive to improving typing and triggering shortcuts, and reducing muscle strain.


gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources xkb-options "['caps:swapescape', 'ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl_lwin']"

Maybe relogin if not work.

Note: fcitx5's XCB add-on may conflict with this, and you need to configure fcitx5-configtool to disable 'Allow overwrite system XKB Settings'.


kwriteconfig5 --file kxkbrc --group Layout --key ResetOldOptions true
kwriteconfig5 --file kxkbrc --group Layout --key Options ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl_lwin,caps:swapescape

Relogin to take effect.

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